Tips To Make Sure Your Appeal Is Timely: The deadlines for filing appeals are jurisdictional. If you miss a deadline, no one can help you. This page describes how to make sure that your appeal is on time. If you need a referral, this firm has a great appeals attorney and the firm has reasonable rates.

Tips For Preparation Of The Record: The appellate courts only act on the pieces of the written record that come before them. This page explains what makes up the record on appeal.

Tips On Briefing: Although appellate courts entertain oral argument, they usually decide cases on the briefs. This page offers advice on making your brief effective.

Appellate Practice In Action: Trace the path of an actual case from the trial court all the way to the California Supreme Court.

Step By Step Down The Road To A Writ Of Mandate: Learn the secrets for persuading the California Court of Appeal review a trial court decision before final judgment.

Depublication In The California Supreme Court: Read about the mysterious process that leads to evaporation of appellate opinions in the California courts.

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